Being the daughter of a drug addict
is a heavy burden to bear.

Find help today so you don’t have to struggle alone.

the daughter of a drug addict

Signs Your Loved One Has An Addiction

Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict; it affects the whole family. Being the daughter of a drug addict means watching your parent struggle through the throes of addiction and trying to support them. However, being the daughter of a drug addict carries a heavy burden, and it’s a difficult responsibility to carry on your own. If you’re the daughter of a drug addict, it’s time to find the best drug rehab for your family’s needs.

Failing to Fulfill Roles of Obligation

A parent who struggles with addiction may be unable to fulfill roles of obligation, such as at work, as a parent, or in the community. Substance addiction can consume a parent’s time and energy, so they may stop being present in places where others need them.

Forgetting Important Family Events

Has your parent been missing recitals or family parties? For many addicts, substance abuse takes priority over everything else, so they may even sacrifice time with family in favor of their addiction.

Sudden Financial Difficulties

Although most people have financial problems at some point in their lives, a sudden and unexplainable financial struggle can be a strong indication of a substance addiction. If your parent is asking to borrow money, trying to take out loans, or selling possessions to get some extra cash, it may be going towards purchasing addictive substances.

Being Secretive, Deceptive, or Defensive

When a parent has a problem with substance addiction, they probably won’t want their children to know about it. If your parent seems to be hiding something from you or appears to be lying about their whereabouts, friends, or where their money is going, it may be time for an intervention.

Support Options for Friends and Family

Addiction is a difficult disease for all loved ones involved. However, providing a healthy support system is a part of a successful recovery. If you’re the daughter of a drug addict and you want to find help, contact a professional drug rehab facility today. A comprehensive rehab center will help your family plan intervention, treatment, and aftercare programs, as well as providing family therapy programs for women. Make the call today to help your family begin the journey of healing and recovery.